About Swansea

Swansea by David Dixon

Swansea by David Dixon

Swansea is a coastal city and used to be in the county boundaries of Glamorgan before it became a county in its own right. It is the second most populated city in Wales after Cardiff and the third most populated county in Wales. Swansea is situated on the south-west coast of Wales and has beautiful sandy beaches such as Swansea Bay.

The Gower Peninsula is recognised as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ by the UK Government and in 1956, was the first area in Britain to be assigned such distinction. The ‘Gower’ is known for its beautiful coastline which has several caves dotted along it and is very popular with walkers, surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The inner land area of ‘Gower’ is mainly farmland or populated by villages and small communities.

Swansea has evolved a lot in recent times and the city centre has expanded towards the coast. This includes the Marina and Maritime Quarter where you can find attractions such as the National Waterfront Museum and Swansea Museum showcasing how life was during the industrial revolution. As with most major cities, there is plenty of shopping to be had. Swansea has over 230 shops including both big high street retailers and retail specialists.

If you are looking for a good night out, Swansea’s vibrant nightlife should be able to deliver. There is a wide range of bars, clubs and restaurants to suit your budget and tastes. The Wind Street area is famed for being the liveliest street in the city at night.

Swansea is a sporting city and is home to the first Welsh team to play in the Barclays Premier League; Swansea City. They play at the Liberty Stadium along with the Ospreys Rugby Union team. Swansea is also home to the Wales National Pool which is the only 50m swimming pool in Wales and is where all the best Welsh swimmers train.

It really is a great place to visit as there is so much beauty, history and variety in the area. There are many fantastic and great value hotels in Swansea whether you want to be in the city, out near the country or by the sea. Swansea has the lot!

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