Things to do in Liverpool (Part one)


I’m sure everyone reading this post knows about Liverpool in some shape of form, either from sport, music, history or whatever.

For those that need a little introduction, Liverpool is a major city in the North West of England. Liverpool is the fourth largest populated city in the UK and lies on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary.

The Mersey was the real driving force behind the city’s growth throughout the years. The city’s dock made the Liverpool one of the world’s most important ports. It is believed that in the early 19th century, 40% of the world’s trade passed through Liverpool’s docks at some point. Liverpool is also famous for its striking architecture throughout the city.

The people of Liverpool are known as Liverpudlians or Scousers and have one of the most recognisable accents in the UK. There have been many famous scousers throughout the years, from the sporting world, musicians, TV personalities and comedians. Today, footballer Steven Gerrard and comedian John Bishop are 2 well known people from Liverpool. There are few other famous Liverpudlians that we will cover later in the post.

Anyways, let’s crack on! Here are some of things we have picked out to do in Liverpool.

The Beatles

Right, if you don’t know who The Beatles were/are then you’ve probably just been born. The Beatles have arguably been the most important band in the whole rock music era and they were formed right here in Liverpool, in 1960. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were The Beatles, who would become known as the ‘Fab Four’ throughout the whole world. They really started to gain popularity in 1962, after the release of Love Me Do, their first real hit of any note. This is where Beatlemania started to take off.

As the birthplace of one of the world’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in history, the city is quite proud of these 4 lads’ achievements. There are several places of interest in Liverpool for all Beatles fans such as the Casbah Coffee Club, The Cavern Club, Medips (John Lennon’s former home), 20 Forthlin Road (Paul McCartney’s former home) or the dedicated Beatles Story museum at Albert Dock.

For more Beatles related stuff, check out this page on Visit Liverpool.

Famous buildings and landmarks

Liverpool is famed for its beautiful buildings and architecture, especially in the docks, which was central to the development of the city. The best known dock in Liverpool is Albert Dock, which was constructed in 1846 and is home to the largest single collection of Grade I listed buildings anywhere in the UK. In its hey-day, Albert Dock was considered to be one of the most advanced docks in the world; today it houses several restaurants, bars, shops, museums and hotels.

For more information about Albert Dock, check out the website.

If architecture is what you’re after then Pier Head is the place to visit. Pier Head is renowned for a trio of buildings referred to as the Three Graces. These include the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building (former headquarters of Cunard Line) and the Port of Liverpool Building. The Royal Liver Building is undoubtedly the most iconic building in Liverpool, with its twin clock towers, each crowned by a mythical Liver Bird.

For more information about Pier Head and the rest of Liverpool’s waterfront, check out this website.

Places to stay

If you fancy checking out some of these famous landmarks, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Luckily Liverpool has plenty of hotels, from budget to boutique and city centre to suburb to suit all visitors. Malmaison have a fantastic hotel on Princes Dock, in William Jessop Way. From the front door, you can see the Royal Liver Building and some fantastic sea views. If you are looking for something away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Village Urban Resort in Liverpool is a solid choice in an alternative location. This hotel boasts excellent facilities including a heated swimming pool, sauna, steam room and state-of-the art gym.

So there is our first instalment of things to do in Liverpool. We didn’t even get round to talking about sport in the city, we’ll leave that for another post. So make sure you come back to learn more about what Liverpool has to offer.

If anyone has some tips and advice about Liverpool, let us know in the comments.


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