Visit Leeds

The cosmopolitan city of Leeds in West Yorkshire offers visitors both new and old a warm welcome and has plenty to see and do in your time there. Leeds has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the most exciting cities in England, and it’s been nicknamed the “Knightsbridge of the North” for the amount […]

Glasgow Buildings: Then and Now

Take a look around the city of Glasgow and you’ll see some stunning pieces of architecture, and although  there is little left of the pre-Victorian era left today, what remains are some of the most beautiful buildings in this, or any other city in the world. Many of the buildings have been redesigned for other […]

Things to do in Liverpool (Part one)

I’m sure everyone reading this post knows about Liverpool in some shape of form, either from sport, music, history or whatever. For those that need a little introduction, Liverpool is a major city in the North West of England. Liverpool is the fourth largest populated city in the UK and lies on the eastern side […]

About Swansea

Swansea is a coastal city and used to be in the county boundaries of Glamorgan before it became a county in its own right. It is the second most populated city in Wales after Cardiff and the third most populated county in Wales. Swansea is situated on the south-west coast of Wales and has beautiful […]

Greetings from UK City Guides!

Hi there folks and welcome to UK City Guides! We are grateful for you stopping by At UK City Guides, you should expect to find information for many of the UK’s best towns, cities such the best local attractions and our favourite places to stay. We are very excited to get this blog started. Please […]